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Flat Anchor Link Chain

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This Flat Anchor Link Chain features rounded links that are flattened, twisted, and polished which resemble real anchor chains used for nautical purposes. This is just one of the many different varieties and styles of anchor link chains.

Crafted in yellow gold, this chain measures between 3mm and 7mm wide and comes in a variety of lengths for both necklaces and bracelets. The chain is secured by a durable lobster clasp.

This chain is the perfect size to fit a variety of small to large size pendants.

Approximate weight in 10K yellow gold by size:

 Length - Width  3mm 3.8mm 4.6mm 7mm
8 inches 3.2 g 5.8 g 
8.6 g
15.3 g
18 inches 7.3 g
12.3 g
19.4 g  32.3 g
20 inches 8.1 g
13.6 g
21.5 g
35.9 g
22 inches
8.9 g
15.0 g
23.7 g
39.8 g 
24 inches 9.8 g
16.3 g
25.8 g
43.0 g